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Delivery Status
Producer Order Date Arrival Date Notes Complete?
Domaine Roger Sabon  11/3/2016    Expected to arrive in Canada on January 3rd. Delivery began on January 4th! 
Grande Maison  7/18/2016    It took the LCBO a full month to process this order! Deliveries began late October. 
Domaine de Poulvarel  7/22/2016    It took the LCBO a full month to process this order. (I have spoken too soon ... the LCBO duplicated the order and must now redo their purchase order!!!) However, the order has arrived in Canada (September 10)Deliveries began mid-October. 
Domaine de Tara  8/12/2016  10/24/2016  After more than a month of buffoonery the LCBO finally issued a correct purchase order. Deliveries began late October. 
Domaine Camp Galhan  8/25/2016  11/10/2016  The PO was processed quite quickly by the LCBO! Anticipated delivery - late mid-November. Deliveries will begin on Friday, 17th. 
Champagne Forget-Brimont  9/30/2016  11/22/2016  Anticipate delivery in early December. The fizz has arrived in Canada and we still look good for early December. Deliveries will begin on Monday, November 28. 
Domaine Palon  11/21/2016  1/20/2017  LCBO processing went well. Deliveries began mid-February. 
Domaine Chabrier Fils  10/21/2016  1/24/2017  Very slow LCBO order processing per usual. LCBO expects to receive the order on December 21st. Deliveries began on January 27. 

If the wine you have ordered is marked Complete and you have not yet received your wine,
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