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Gentleman’s Portion 

Nigel Napier-Andrews, an old colleague and friend has created a most delightful lifestyle blog featuring just about everything one’s heart could desire – fine food and recipes, travel destinations, cruises and even a regular wine column contributed by your humble scribe. Make sure to sign up for Gentleman’s Portion. After all, who can resist a good helping of everything great in life?

Le Sélect Bistro 

Tucked away on Wellington Street just west of Spadina in Toronto, this big, warm and friendly restaurant is really on its game these days. Great people, wonderful food and a very extensive, well-chosen wine list ensure a most memorable bistro-style meal. And, you’ll find several of Arthur’s Cellar wines there including the delicious Rhône By Roger Sabon. One of the best things about Le Sélect is the greeting you get when you call for reservations! Why not try it now? 416-596-6405

Salvation Wines 

When Brian Jutzi, a very active Arthur’s Cellar Wine Club Member, heard that we would be jettisoning several of our wineries, he bravely volunteered to take them on. He and his wife Cindy have launched Salvation Wines and have imported wines from Domaine de Tara, Domaine de Poulvarel and Vignobles Mousset-Barrot. Brian also uses the ordering and distribution program.

Spectrum Wines 

Ken Baker loves almost everything about Argentina, particularly its wines. So, he established Spectrum Wines and The Woodside Wine Appreciation Club so that he could bring you the best it has to offer. He also holds special tasting events for you to try these fine wines and, as the ultimate expression of his love affair with Argentina, he organizes tours to that county’s marvellous wine regions.