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Date Title
2/12/2009  Good news for the weekend! 
9/28/2007  Last Call - The Cahors wines of Château Famaey 
11/14/2012  The Over-Achieving Wines from Domaine Camp Galhan! 
4/11/2014  ‘La Soif’ Rosé and Other Fine Wines from Les Vignes du Lys are Back! 
3/27/2013  ‘La Soif’ Rosé Returns Along with the ‘100% Chardonnay’ from Les Lys! 
3/5/2012  “Lost” Wine from Domaine la Croix Chaptal - Extension! 
6/29/2007  2004 Notturno, Barbera d'Asti Superiore - LCBO Store Locator 
10/30/2007  2005 Châteauneuf-du-Pape from Domaine Roger Sabon - Wine Spectator Comments 
8/13/2009  2007 Domaine Roger Sabon - They Don’t Get Much Better Than This! Don’t Miss Them!! 
7/19/2009  2007 Domaine Roger Sabon . It Doesn't Get Much Better Than This! 
1/10/2009  2007 Southern Belles from Domaine de Tara! 
5/19/2013  2009 and 2010 Grand Cru Saint-Émilion from Les Vignobles Valade! 
7/7/2012  2009 Château Robin – Bordeaux That Really Rocks!!! 
4/22/2011  2009 Rhône By Roger Sabon … Encore! 
5/2/2011  2009 Rhône By Roger Sabon … Last Call! 
10/24/2014  2010 Château Robin – Back, to Very High Acclaim! 
11/29/2013  2010 Château Robin – Lovely, Well-priced Bordeaux from a Great Year 
1/29/2016  2010 Grand Cru Saint-Émilion From Les Vignobles Valade ... And More! 
8/1/2014  2010 Grand Cru Saint-Émilion from Les Vignobles Valade ... Plus a Bonus! 
3/9/2016  2012 Château Robin – Delicious and Very Well-priced Bordeaux! 
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